Friday, July 17, 2009


Rather than reading Shopaholic for the 15th time while you lounge at the beach this summer, try Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright, winner of the 1939 Newbery Medal, and an excellent beach book. It reads like a perfect summer day, with a lazy, easygoing story and characters as sweet as freshly squeezed lemonade. Enright recounts various episodes during a magical summer in nine-year-old Garnet’s childhood. From the miraculous arrival of the silver thimble and life-restoring rain, the appearance of Eric, the drifter orphan, the accidental overnight in the public library, and Garnet’s attempt to run away from her family, Garnet’s life is full of wonderful, exciting, and interesting experiences. She learns to appreciate the simple pleasures of hanging out with friends, spending time with family, and staying up late. Her ninth summer will remain part of her as she grows up and the silver thimble will remain a symbol of endless possibilities. Hopefully each one of us has a memory of a magical summer where the days lingered and the experience lasted long after the rush and heat. This book reminds us that we deserve to take time out of our busy lives and jobs and relax and enjoy ourselves. Take time this summer to appreciate the simple things with friends or family, read a good book, and be kind to yourself.


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